top gear car removal

Top gear car removal

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Top Gear challenges is a segment of the Top Gear television programme where the presenters are tasked by the producers, or each other, to prove or accomplish various tasks related to vehicles. The novelty challenges and short stunt films in the programme are typically based on absurd premises, such as jumping a bus over motorcycles instead of the more typical scenario of a motorcycle jumping over buses , or a nun driving a monster truck. These features became less prominent over the course of the programme they were much more regular during the first four series ; they were superseded in later series by the "How hard can it be? A common theme on Top Gear combines standard road tests and opinions with an unusual circumstance, or with a challenge to demonstrate a notable vehicle characteristic. A recurring feature in the programme involves the hosts undertaking a number of bizarre challenges involving cars.

Top gear car removal

In the fifth episode of the seventeenth series of Top Gear the presenters were challenged with knocking down a series of flats in a quicker time than the World Demolition champions. After practicing with conventional demolition equipment in the European nation of Albania, after receiving work from the Albanian mafia , the presenters decided that these machines were inadequate for the job and instead decided to use tanks. After finding some tanks at the Witham Army Disposal Yard the presenters headed to Kent to an abondoned housing estate. To practice for their challenge against the World Demolition champions the presenters got in touch with the Albanian mafia who said that they "had a bloke whose house needs knocking down". After arriving at their location Jeremy and Richard quickly choose their vehicles deciding to operate the crane and bulldozer, leaving James with the digger. James walked into the house to analyse it but Richard and Jeremy decided to begin demolition straight away, knocking down a small stone fence. The Top Gear crew quickly discover that the job would be a very difficult one and there are problems throughout the day; James has trouble lifting the rubble with his digger and placing it into the back of dump truck, Jeremy nearly causes a power cut, and Richard accidentally dumps the dump truck's load onto the middle of an Albanian street. On top of this, the presenters have trouble knocking down the house. Jeremy and James both fail to knock the house down using the crane so they decide to wrap a cord around one of the pillars and pull it down using the digger. In the process the cord snaps and the house sustains no damage.

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Top gear car removal

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Clarkson claimed "Since I am not prepared to go through your stools in the morning, we have to conclude that the best car for the British police is a Suzuki Vitara with a doormat on the front. Don't hesitate to contact us at the number given below for more information on our services or to acquire a Cash Quote. After fixing his brakes, Clarkson arrived last with his trailer on fire. The Merak's engine exploded, showering the Urraco in pieces of the wreckage and forcing Clarkson to crash into a hedge, due to its brakes not working without a running engine. Flintoff went first, followed by McGuinness and Harris. On the way to Jomsom , rough roads damaged Harris and McGuinness' cars. They summarised the choice as " Later in the series, May was proved correct when Clarkson's Mercedes broke down and he had to spend several thousand pounds fixing the engine's ignition coils. The presenters were told to find performance cars that had been written off by insurance companies and meet at the track. Two unbroadcast challenges gave points for each viewing of a track day video uploaded to YouTube, and an economy run. The team admitted that this was an unusual challenge in that they were ultimately "ambitious and successful" - contrary to the usual challenge results. Along the way, a firetruck simulated the effects of a spring rain.


The next morning, LeBlanc fitted a custom crash bar made out of steel pipes to protect his damaged back end, and Reid set a challenge of who can reach the closest top speed to its original factory claims. Winner: May Clarkson by agreement [nb 4]. Before the third challenge, they had to spend the night at Darwin, California. The team worked through the entire day and night to get the job done. Series Sixteen, Episode Two [10]. There, the presenters were faced with a test of "agility": driving around the range and catching as many golf balls as possible in two minutes. Challenges included bringing Western-themed goods with their cars and building a stall to promote them, a mountain rally and modding their cars to be better able to tackle the mountain roads. The back-up vehicle is generally a model that is loathed by all three presenters or in some other way antagonistic to the current challenge. This caused clearance problems on the road and he had to take an alternative route when on land due to a "low bridge. Upon reaching Ha Long, the presenters were given the task of modifying their bikes to reach a floating bar.

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