elden ring statues with blue light

Elden ring statues with blue light

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Elden ring statues with blue light


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We are almost a year out from the initial release of Elden Ring. With the grand scope of the world and the long-running underlying story within, Elden Ring has tons of secrets just waiting to be discovered. While most of these secrets have already been uncovered, some are not as easy. A perfect example is the glowing statues you find in various regions around the Lands Between. Since they are cracked and glowing inside, it is implied that there should be a way to break them open to reach whatever is inside them.

Elden ring statues with blue light

Elden Ring is full of little puzzles and more or less well-hidden secrets, such as illusory walls, invisible scarabs or sealed towers. The cracked statues add to all this. The first one you will encounter is in the heights of Necrolimbo, northeast of the door. And it's far from the last. The solution for the first statue is very simple, and you have a good chance of discovering it naturally, or even accidentally, with all the trolls around. All it takes is a giant enemy stepping over it or hitting it for it to break. This is obviously only the beginning, there are many other statues of the same kind in game, at least a dozen, and it will take more effort to break them:. The world of Elden Ring is filled with fearsome creatures and bosses that can be faced in epic battles. However, one of the deadliest enemies in the game might not be the one you think

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