basic aaa towing distance

Basic aaa towing distance

Towing When your vehicle cannot be started or safely driven, it will be towed without charge to a destination of your choice up to five miles from the point of breakdown for Classic members and up to miles for Plus members. With Premier, you can use one Hour Roadside Assistance Basic aaa towing distance call per cardholder per membership year for a tow of up to miles, and the remaining three service calls for tows of up to miles, basic aaa towing distance. Recreational vehicles or trailers are eligible for the mile tow benefit under Plus RV and one mile tow under Premier RV.

By Bilal. Reviewed by Edward Larrivee. Home » Auto Blog. Their core function is to get you back on the road during unexpected breakdowns, not relocate your vehicle across state lines. Long Distance Towing Service.

Basic aaa towing distance

Your membership entitles you to up to four free Roadside Assistance calls per cardholder, per year. Some conditions apply. See the Guide to Emergency Road Service. You can be towed to the facility answering your call, no matter how far away you are. Or, with AAA Plus, you can be towed anywhere you choose that's up to miles from where you break down. We'll deliver gas if you run out. You pay only for the gas. Diesel fuel must be requested when you call for service and may not always be available. And if the service technician can't get you into your car when you're locked out, we will arrange for assistance from a locksmith at our expense. The following procedures will help you receive the maximum benefit from this unique service. Emergency Road Service is just that… an emergency service, which should not be mistaken for convenience towing, maintenance or repair service. The serviceman will make one round trip between his station and the disabled car in rendering service. In the Ashland area including Boyd and Greenup Counties , call In Frankfort, call Elsewhere, call toll-free

The Club reserves the right to suspend Emergency Road Service or cancel the membership for excessive use.

Former members of the Auto Club who previously had Plus or Premier level of benefits within the past days can rejoin at the Plus or Premier benefit level. When would you like this gift membership to be effective? If you have a vehicle disablement before you join, that disablement will not be covered after you join as one of your four allowable service calls per membership year. Every membership year, you are allowed up to four 4 free calls per member for Roadside Assistance. After that, a service charge applies.

AAA membership is tied to the person and not the car which they had while purchasing membership , so the AAA member can get any Car towed, even if it is not their car. You just need to be driving it or be a passenger in the car and have your AAA membership card with you ,if you want the car to be towed. So you will need to call the local AAA service representative in order to check if they provide this service or not. But mind that you will not be eligible for free towing because technically AAA is an emergency roadside assistance program and they are only liable to provide you service if you had a sudden breakdown. If you have been in an unfortunate accident then you should think of a few things first before calling AAA,. However, if you are blocking the traffic or in a rush then you can call AAA for replacing a tire or tell them to tow it to a place where you can call the insurance company. The car towing company is responsible for towing mishappenings and they are liable to pay you for the damage caused by their worker,. Although AAA informs you the time when you call them for roadside assistance.

Basic aaa towing distance

If you are like most car owners, then you are probably wondering how AAA towing rules work. What do you need to learn to make the towing process as smooth as possible? You can learn about that through this AAA towing rules — the complete guide article. One thing you should remember about AAA towing is that the towing distance will depend on your availed membership type.

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A reimbursement counts as a Roadside Assistance call. Premier members are entitled to one complimentary one-day standard rental car per year, when the tow is one of four allowable Roadside Assistance calls. Partial reimbursement: Only partial reimbursement, limited to the amount AAA would have paid an independent contract station to provide the service, will be made when AAA was not called to provide service. Your patience and understanding in these emergency situations is always appreciated. We'll deliver gas if you run out. Another said the AAA tow truck rescued them from a desert highway and drove them miles to their destination city. Be certain to obtain an official receipt from the serviceman. Diesel must be requested when you call for service and may not always be available. You can read our AAA insurance review for more information. Your privacy is very important to us. Battery prices vary depending on vehicle make and model.

The last thing you want to happen is to have your car towed, but sometimes it is unavoidable. For Classic members, towing is free of charge up to 5 miles from the breakdown point.

Other restrictions may apply. Certain conditions and limitations apply. Vehicle history reports. In this case, apply to the Club for reimbursement consideration. However, AAA roadside assistance comes with more services than add-on plans from insurance companies. Classic membership benefits include free towing up to seven 7 miles from the point of breakdown or unlimited miles back to the facility providing the tow. Who is covered by AAA? The Premier plan also includes trip interruption and personal property coverage. Key Highlights AAA towing is ideal for roadside assistance, not long-distance towing max miles, inoperable vehicles only. Once the one-day complimentary rental is used, Premier members are entitled to discounted daily rates plus a complimentary one-car class upgrade. The lifestyle section gives readers ideas for exploring their own state with in-depth features, restaurant reviews, calendar listings, celebrity profiles, and more. Service to motorcycles, limousines, buses, taxis, ambulances, hearses, and vehicles used in competition. Membership eligibility, dues, fees, benefits and services are subject to change without notice. When would you like this gift membership to be effective? And here are the details on extra AAA services that fall outside the traditional roadside assistance offerings:.

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