easy updo hairstyles medium length hair

Easy updo hairstyles medium length hair

If chopping your hair to your chin sounds intimidating but maintaining healthy strands at Rapunzel length is impossible, a medium length hairstyle is exactly what you need.

We live in the 21st century, where there is no shortage of hairstyles. Whether you have short or long hair, you can always find a hairdo to mix things up and change your look. But when it comes to shoulder-length hair, there appears to be a lack of cute hairstyles for medium-length hair. Because of its length, medium hair is often worn loose and styled slickly straight, in loose waves, or made stylishly short with curls. But we are to bust that misconception today! Medium hair bridges the gap between short and long hair.

Easy updo hairstyles medium length hair


Chic and simple, this hairdo has the potential to become your next best friend.


Are you looking for good updos for women with medium length hair? Updo hairstyles for medium hair can prove to be difficult to find for most women to achieve. Usually, you need a bit of inspiration to get those creative, hairstyling juices flowing. While your stylist might be able to assist with selecting a hairstyle, sometimes you may have to perform a bit of research to determine which style defines you best. Good news, we have done the work for you this time. If you are not trying to come up with something amazing for a special day, you should take advantage of the casual updos for medium hair. Most of them involve low buns, ponytails, twists and simple braids. If your hair is not long enough to lift it up completely, you should consider making all the same hairstyles as you would for long hair, but keeping the hair low. The updos for medium hair look especially stunning if you have bangs. In order to outline your beautiful fringe, you need to consider high hairstyles.

Easy updo hairstyles medium length hair

Whether you want to look sophisticated for a black-tie wedding or you just want to have a fun, flirty updo, there are plenty of hairstyles for medium hair to choose from. These updos are easy to recreate at home and are perfect for a night on the town, lunch with friends or a first date. One of the most sexy updos for medium hair is a high ponytail. If you have fine or thinning hair, try a spiraled or textured bun for extra volume.

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This updo is going to do the work for you! Use pins that match your hair color for elegant updos. The good news is this versatile hairstyle can be sported for any occasion, be it a wedding or an intimate family dinner. She has previously worked as an editor, proofreader, and a writer with various organizations, helping her navigate through the various facets of content creation and refinement with ease. Bobby pins work for all hairstyles, even updos. Updos might sound too dressy for everyday, but these are the trendiest medium length updos for your real lifestyle. Carry a small bottle of hairspray so you can use it whenever needed. On the smaller side, separate two thin sections of the hair and hold them up using the sectioning clips. A perfect updo for a perfect date! You can sport this hairdo for occasions like parties, wedding receptions. Newsletter Sign Up. Looking for a simple DIY updo? A dainty and elegant updo for your locks!

Think you have to be Rapunzel rock a beautiful updo?

This hair updo is definitely going to set you apart in terms of style. This braided bun is a chirpy hairdo to go for. This delicate style is perfect for accentuating your feminine features. Tuck in the edges of the upper section around the bun using U-pins. Go ahead, try this on your hair and make all your girlfriends jealous! Your style is easy breezy with this updo. Braids are fun, and so are buns. Was this page helpful? She helps run the brand's social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok, where she's happily behind the scenes. This variant of the chignon blends side braids into the hairdo. A unique updo which incorporates two side braids into a headband style. Keep reading to check our handpicked list of the best updo hairstyles for medium-length hair and how you can achieve your favorite look. Wrap the section around the bun. An elaborate yet trendy hairdo for those with medium hair. Mary Shannon Wells.

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