blue lights cast

Blue lights cast

Blue Lights has shared a first look at series two and has confirmed a line-up blue lights cast new cast members. The BBC police drama based in Belfast was a hit with viewers last year and was renewed for a second series before the first had even finished airing.

Sign In. Nathan Braniff Tommy Foster 7 episodes, Sian Brooke Grace Ellis 7 episodes, Martin McCann Stevie Neil 7 episodes, Katherine Devlin Annie Conlon 7 episodes, Hannah McClean Jen Robinson 7 episodes, Andi Osho Sandra Cliff 7 episodes,

Blue lights cast

Set in Belfast, Blue Lights is a TV drama that focuses on recruits joining the police force and what that entails for them specifically in Northern Ireland. Written by Declan Lawn, Adam Patterson and Fran Harris, it's gripping, intense and authentic and also contains lashings of dark humour. Blue Lights series one was watched by an average of 6. This was invaluable, as they gave us so many insights into what the actual day-to-day life of a serving officer is really like and how it impacts upon their personal life - checking underneath their car each time they drive to work, not being able to tell their children exactly what their job was and the constant shift changes. She's a single-parent to a year-old son and is juggling being a mum with learning how to do a new job. Catholic probationer Annie Conlon is a fiery and impulsive character who perhaps isn't as confident as her exterior personality suggests. People from Northern Ireland tend to shroud serious situations with humour and we really get a feel for that in the script. Tommy Foster is on the fast-track programme, which means that police constables can reach the rank of inspector within two years, giving them less time on the front line. His mentor Gerry played by Richard Dormer is a seemingly easy-going office who encourages Tommy to come out his shell, as he's quite a nervous new recruit. He's used to flying solo, but when he takes new probationer Grace under his wing, his outlook on policing starts to change and he forms feelings he didn't expect to have. Richard Dormer Game of Thrones, Fortitude plays the easy-going veteran on the job who has seen it all.

Who is Grace Ellis? Read Edit View history. Catherine Rees Armed Response Officer uncredited 1 episode,

Blue Lights is a television drama series, set in Belfast , Northern Ireland , following three probationary police officers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the experienced officers who train, mentor, and work with them. The series was broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer , premiering on 27 March ; it has been re-commissioned for a second series, which began filming in , [1] as well as a third and fourth series. The series follows three probationary police officers in the Police Service of Northern Ireland assigned to the fictional Blackthorn Station in Belfast. The series also focuses on fellow rookies Annie Devlin and Tommy Braniff; they too struggle under the immense pressure of the job. On 20 April , the BBC confirmed that a second series of 6 episodes had been commissioned with filming to begin in Belfast in summer with a release estimated to be in In February , the show was renewed for a further 2 series. The level of violence was a shock to some.

Created and written by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, Blue Lights follows three rookie police officers working in Belfast, a uniquely dangerous place to be a police officer. Having previously worked in social care she straddles a fine line between the personal and professional. How do you distinguish between who needs your help and who wants you dead simply because of the uniform you wear? What were your thoughts when you first read the script? You can really see that come together in these scripts. I think that decision is hugely informed by the job she used to do and the frustrations of working in that environment. She wants to do a job where she can make a difference and be on the frontline of that change.

Blue lights cast

Our three rookies are currently serving their probationary period with the PSNI, and the odds are that at least one won't make it. If they buckle under that pressure, there's no way they'll make it. Plus, they're also grappling with being an officer in Belfast, which means they may be forced to hide their day jobs from their family and friends and might cross paths with people who would see them dead just because they're in uniform. Who can they really trust? The Blue Lights cast features a range of big stars. Read on to find a little more about the main characters, and where else you might have seen the other stars. Katherine Devlin plays Annie Conlon. She describes her as "a very impulsive character" who is both fiery and passionate but also sensitive and soft-centered.

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Retirement Services. Browse episodes. Jonathan Harden David 'Jonty' Johnston 6 episodes, Tommy Nathan Braniff in Blue Lights. Art Campion Sully 4 episodes, Blue Lights is Braniff's first on-screen role. Michael Shea Mo McIntyre. See the full list. The BBC have released a bunch of new images of our old PSNI pals, the force's latest recruit - and the criminal kingpin they'll be up against this time out! Retrieved 21 April Related: Harry Potter star joins new Sherlock Holmes show.

We can't wait to head back to Belfast for Blue Lights season 2, especially after getting our first look at the new series! We've also been given a glimpse of the criminal kingpin they'll be up against this time out! It pulled in more than seven million viewers, becoming the biggest drama series of the year in Northern Ireland, and co-creators Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson can't wait to share the next chapter of the story.

Annie 6 Episodes. So, who else stars in the six-part BBC series and who do they all play? Crime Drama Thriller. Constable Grace Ellis may have some family issues to deal with following her son's brush with the law, yet we're hoping there might be a bit of romance between her and Stevie. User reviews 82 Review. Blue Lights season 2 was filmed in Belfast in the second half of , meaning the six-part sequel should be coming to BBC2 in Gerry is Tommy's mentor and a veteran of the job. The Spectator. The characters assumed nuance and complexity. How much time you spend with this person in a car. US Edition.

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