Synonym dancer

Something fascinating is going on in the gravitational dance of galaxies, from watching the slow twirls of the dancers. But when she opened the door, a harem of toned and dreaded hip-hop dancers were lounging on couches staring at her, synonym dancer.

Noun, singular or mass Have each dancer choose an animal. He moved like a dancer , which is not surprising; a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music. Like a ballet dancer , she keeps me on my toes. This dance we're doing, it keeps me so fit I know she's a perfect fit for me. Table of Contents. Dancer in a sentence. Synonyms ballet master chorus girl hoofer taxi dancer tapper showgirl terpsichorean performer exotic belly dancer ballet dancer nautch girl tap dancer professional dancer performing artist chorine belly dancer dancing-master exotic dancer stepper ballet mistress kachina.

Synonym dancer

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By signing in, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We'll see you in your inbox soon. Related words are words that are directly connected to each other through their meaning, even if they are not synonyms or antonyms. This connection may be general or specific, or the words may appear frequently together. Alex was an excellent dancer — strong, sure and fluid. This was due to the king's relations with the Spanish dancer Lola Montez, who appeared in Munich in October , and soon succeeded by her beauty and wit in fascinating the king, who was always susceptible to feminine charms. The political importance of this lay in the fact that the royal mistress began to use her great influence against the clerical policy of the Abel ministry.

Dancer synonyms, dancer antonyms - FreeThesaurus. All rights reserved. Related Words ballet dancer ballet master ballet mistress belly dancer exotic belly dancer exotic dancer chorine chorus girl showgirl dance master dancing-master hoofer stepper kachina nautch girl performer performing artist tap dancer tapper taxi dancer. Related Words individual mortal person somebody someone soul clog dancer dancing partner folk dancer raver waltzer. Based on WordNet 3. References in classic literature? The dancer 's smile of stereotyped enthusiasm was turned for ten minutes upon the faces of her audience.

Synonym dancer

Synonyms: professional dancer , social dancer , terpsichorean. Dezz , Sidney Winters. She has a very vivid imagination which allows her to see things in her mind as they would appear on stage, she developed this visual acuity as a young dancer when she had one of her first operations on her eyes. She who is a dancer can only sway the silk of her hair like the summer breeze. It's wonderful that a potential dancer can see Misty and say, 'I can do that,' but if there's no dance studio at all in their neighborhood, or if their school's chronically underfunded, then it's going to be a problem. Founder Rosie Akauola-Fine :. Madonna Louise Ciccone :. I want to convey the incredible journey that life has taken me on as an artist, a musician, a dancer -- a human being, trying to make Diablo Cody. The way in this world, the focus of this film will always be music.

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This dance we're doing, it keeps me so fit I know she's a perfect fit for me. Collins Conundrum. Strong matches danseur danseuse hoofer. Related words are words that are directly connected to each other through their meaning, even if they are not synonyms or antonyms. Meanings Synonyms Sentences. Priests attend upon the goddess, and female dancers display their talent before her, accompanied by the loud music of the tam-tam. Synonym of the day. Browse related words to learn more about word associations. Video Build your vocabulary. Words near Dancer in the Thesaurus dance dance attendance on dance to another tune danceable danced dancefloor dancehall dancer dancers dances dancey dancing. Italian grammar. English confusables. French grammar. Secondary School. From The Daily Beast.

Words related to dancer are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word dancer. Browse related words to learn more about word associations. A professional ballroom dancer and instructor, her name reflects a parallel that runs in both BDSM and dance: symbiosis.

View definitions for dancers dancers. Strong matches danseur danseuse hoofer. Synonyms Related Words. Toomey glides around the room like a Brazilian capoeira dancer. Synonym of the day. English idioms. Quiz French confusables. From Essence. By clicking "Sign Up", you are accepting Dictionary. Korean English to Korean. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. This week, for instance, the focus is posture and our intent is to connect to the dancer within.

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