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For the next thirty years they pursue the hope of finding each other again. The film is being shot entirely in Rome with plans to premiere on Netflix in What's Coming to Netflix in November For the latest news, follow us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram. Click here to read the full article. Saban retired Jan. An expert weighs in on how you should be lathering up to keep your skin happy.

Nuovo olimpo fin

Her feature debut, 20, Species Of Bees, centres on an eight-year-old child who struggles with the fact that people keep addressing her in confusing ways. One summer, she explores her identity alongside the women of her family, who at the same time reflect on their own lives and desires. The film took part in the Berlinale co-production market and leading European development labs. Contact : Luxbox. Acid Fr Dir. Guillaume Canet and Laetitia Dosch star in the film about a teenage girl and her parents on the verge of separation as clouds of devastating acid rain fall on France. As the world faces an inevitable end, the fractured family must unite to escape the climate catastrophe. Were political attitudes his downfall? Contact: Films Boutique. Contact: Mojo Raiser Production. Contact: Picture Tree International.

Saban retired Jan. View comments.

As of the first of November, it is also available to stream on Netflix. The plot follows two young year-olds in lates Rome who meet, fall madly in love, and are separated for 30 years as they chase the hope of finding each other. Since the film takes place in late-'70s Rome and was filmed there as well, the scenery alone is a great aspect of the movie. Not only are Gavin and Di Luigi easy on the eyes, they also put on incredible performances in their prospective roles. As the film explores love and loss, their compelling performances are a driving force behind the narrative. Saban retired Jan. An expert weighs in on how you should be lathering up to keep your skin happy.

It follows the journey of Enea and Pietro, both 25 years old, whose paths cross on a film set. Enea is an aspiring film director, deeply involved in his work, while Pietro, a medical student, stumbles upon the film set out of curiosity. The instant connection between them leads to a passionate and genuine night of love. However, their lives take different directions, as a prolonged separation befalls them unexpectedly, while their memories of each other remain. Damiano Gavino brings depth to his portrayal of Enea, while Andrea Di Luigi masterfully captures the essence of a shy, inexperienced, and self-doubting Pietro. Supporting performances from Aurora Giovinazzo, Luisa Ranieri, and Greta Scarano shine with authenticity and sincerity. The film masterfully weaves through different timelines, with a notable ability to construct authentic and immersive settings, particularly in the earlier periods. The love story, set in Rome during the pivotal year of , benefits from meticulous world-building, capturing the very essence of that era. This is also based on real-life incidents as the student protests in Rome during the s were a significant part of the larger social and political movements that swept across Europe during that time.

Nuovo olimpo fin

Years later, they meet again. The film is currently streaming on Netflix. Enea and Pietro meet at a theater called Nuovo Olimpo and fall for each other. Their romance blooms but is short-lived as a protest leaves Pietro injured before the hospital. Enea and Peitro were supposed to meet each other but never could. Enea never returns to the theatre to look for Pietro, who does.

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Contact: 4Proof Film. The story follows the titular characters, a teenage couple living in a small, remote village in Senegal. In his film debut, Saim Sadiq dazzles with efficient characterization and provides daring choices to his characters in an otherwise patriarchal, homophobic environment that still looks natural to them. Based on Thomas Mallon's novel, the 8-part miniseries is not just a series of tragedies; instead, it succeeds in being perceptive, continuous in its different era assessments and the impossibility of the two characters to mingle in , and intimate -in a way that most TV mainstream series would abhor. It turns out that the woman and her family had fled the island years earlier under tragic circumstances so the return visit stirs up memories and emotion. Related articles. If you are looking for a particular article, subject or person, you can click on Cineuropa's "search" button. Le Retour Fr Dir. In a sad, shocking twist, the two do not end up together. Saban retired Jan. Contact: ! Hvistendahl makes her feature debut with the character-given horror drama following three families living through a strange electrical disturbance.

L'arco temporale del film copre circa trent'anni, durante i quali i due protagonisti vivono le loro vite, finendo spesso per incrociarsi, senza rivedersi mai.

News Every day, Cineuropa publishes articles on European cinema. One personnel man noted that he saw Caleb Williams gravitate toward Odunze on more than one occasion this week, a reality that has likely fed into buzz that the Bears could maneuver to pair Odunze with Williams. More content below. When she discovers he has amnesia, she lies and tells him they are lovers. Occupied City Neth Dir. More of a gay road movie between a wannabe year-old dancer and an older linguist whose sister tends to jump on and off that relationship wagon , 'Of An Age' loses steam in its second half and chapter. Zurich Review: Las toreras. Opponent Swe-Nor Dir. An offshoot of the popular "looksmaxxing" online trend, "starvemaxxing" is getting pushback for its health concerns. Her latest stars Aissatou Diallo Sagna as a something woman working for a wealthy Parisian family who invites her to join them on a summertime trip to Corsica along with her own daughters. Empty Nets Ger-Iran Dir. What's Coming to Netflix in November

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