mid bob cut

Mid bob cut

Get inspired with one of these gorgeous medium layered bob haircuts! Medium-length hair with layers is great for every hair type and texture. If your hair is thick, it will help thin it out.

Mid Choppy Bob. These can be blunt or textured like in this example. Textured Blunt Bob. The bottom is as straight as it can be! The color is suitable for any skin tone and done on a haircut like this one, it gives your hair a sophisticated look. Brunette Textured Bob.

Mid bob cut

The lob has long been a favorite haircut because it flatters every face shape. These looks are slight extensions of the lob, and even better. From shoulder-length cuts with bangs to blunt shoulder-length bobs, meeting in the middle is anything but boring. Whether you're growing out a short cut or want to clean up a long one, a shoulder-length style is the most flattering compromise between short and long. Shoulder-length bobs are long enough to style with ease but short enough to look clean and not weigh you down. Straight, wavy, and curly hair textures will work with this cut, so there's nothing holding you back from trying out this easy style. Short, wispy bangs area ideal for thin hair , and they don't require tons of commitment since they can easily grow out. A cut that's angled slightly adds volume and movement, especially with wavy or curly hair. This look fades beautifully from a chestnut brown to sandy blonde tips. This piece-y look is laidback and easy. Long layers frame the face for softness, but uneven fringe adds edge. With naturally curly hair, you don't need layers for texture and definition. You might need your stylist to thin your cut a bit if you're going shoulder length or shorter.

What most beauties will love about this messy bob is its versatility.

So what exactly is a bob if there are so many lengths and styles? Generally speaking, a bob is a short hairstyle cut at the neckline, typically going along the jawline, says hairstylist Laurabeth Cabott. In more recent years, however, the bob haircut has evolved, and many stylists consider the shoulder-length lob, or a long bob , to fall within the bob category as well. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. For example, if you have a round face shape, Cabbott says that having a bob can help elongate your features. If you have an oval face, however, Dan Williams , expert hairstylist and colorist, recommends a chin-length, blunt bob with waves. For a heart-shaped face, which is defined as a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin, you might want to consider a short bob haircut that flips outward at the jaw.

Home » Bob Hairstyles. Ranging from jawline to collarbone length, the medium bob offers the perfect equilibrium between the breeziness of short hair and the elegance of longer tresses. This haircut appeals to a broad spectrum of individuals, accommodating various face shapes, hair textures, and lifestyles. Understanding the Mob starts with getting acquainted with its fundamental characteristics. The medium bob typically hovers between jawline and collarbone length, providing a versatile canvas for various styling elements like layering, texturing, and angling. The key to a successful Mob often lies in these intricate details that can be customized to flatter individual features and personalities. The beauty of the medium bob lies in its adaptability. From straight to wavy, from flat to voluminous, from minimalist to extravagant— the medium bob can manifest in myriad forms, each with its unique flair and charm. Stay tuned as we delve into the many ways to personalize your medium bob hairstyle.

Mid bob cut

A blonde bob is a short to medium length hair cut at around ear to shoulder level and colored with any shade of blonde. Seriously fierce blonde bobs have been the signature looks of Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, and Taraji Henson for some time, and they proved that this hairstyle suits every skin tone and hair texture flawlessly. Florida hairstylist and colorist Justin Dillaha creates all kinds and lengths of blonde bobs on babes and demonstrates how texture plays a huge role in making this hairstyle work out for the overall look. If you plan on keeping the same length and color for a long time, salon visits should be on your calendar every weeks. Consult your stylist for the best recommendations! Convinced of all the right reasons to try this classic, attractive option? A sharp blonde bob with a side part is as glamorous as it gets. Make sure to book your stylist every 5 weeks for regular maintenance.


An asymmetrical bob looks extra edgy dressed up with bobby pins. A bold haircut can, undoubtedly, provide an irreplaceable change in style that no wardrobe can match. Girly Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob Cut If you want a two-toned hairstyle without much experimentation, blonde and chocolate go well together. Mid-Length Bob with Side Bangs. This shaggy, piece-y bob is a lived-in shag or a textured bob. Although dark brown or platinum blonde is the most typical colours for long bobs, don't overlook the very pleasant medium warm tones! A red gorgeously layered shoulder-length bob cut highlighted with blonde pieces is a sure way to turn heads with its hotness. That means you can get away with shorter bangs. Use texture products with a matte effect to maintain modern medium bob hairstyles like this! To play up the proportions of this short curly bob , slick one side behind your ear as Taraji P.

A Medium bob or mob hairstyle is one of the best modern cuts you cuts you can try today. Are you feeling a bit experimental? This haircut can give you that modern glamour that can make people turn their heads.

Do you envision yourself with a straight, centre-parted bob in mind? This style has a shoulder-length cut with straight tresses. Your face is beautifully framed by a long bob with bangs. Instagram greccothassos. This blunt cut with blunt bangs is chic and classy. Face shape and hair density come into play when deciding on a length for the bob. Instagram styledbylizsustaita. Mary Shannon Wells. The medium layered bob gives the hair lengths perfect for framing your face while keeping it light and airy. By Michelle. Instagram curlfactor. You do not need to be afraid to take too much length; however, have fun!

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