maglite led upgrade

Maglite led upgrade

MagLite compatible LED bulb with integral polished metal reflector and solid metal body for outstanding heat dissipation and performance.

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Maglite led upgrade


Customers say. Much Brighter. Compare with similar items This Item.


The older Maglites were only sold with incandescent bulbs. The more batteries in those Maglites, the brighter they were. The Maglite pictured on the right is mine. I did some hand filing on it to make it look more appealing. I also replaced both the tailcap and bezel, using those from a silver Maglite I still had around; to provide an appealing contrast. They are an easy way to increase brightness and extend the runtime of the Maglite multifold above that of the incandescent. You may have never thought about the question, but it is an important question to ask yourself before you upgrade your Maglite. Remember, an increase in brightness usually also means a decrease in runtime. But, you can always modify your Maglite to your own liking. You can get both the best runtime and best brightness, at the same time; by using a regulated electronics board driver.

Maglite led upgrade

Portable lighting like kerosene lanterns, candles and flashlights have long-been a necessity within households. You know why, suddenly out goes the electricity and the first thing we do is blindly start searching for the flashlight. Whatever the application might be, darkness often demands the need for a mobile light and if you are like me and own a MagLite flashlight, you should consider doing what I did. While we can all appreciate Thomas Edison, the light he invented is inefficient to the standard set today by the LED. The LED is able to burn brighter and up to 60 times longer than an incandescent. Once I researched and confirmed the longevity, efficiency and brightness of LEDs, the choice to switch was obvious. This particular flashlight upgrade is no longer manufactured, but it was a simple switch and like many still being made today, it dropped right into my MagLite. Generally, it highlights and documents the difference in brightness, beam pattern and run-time. Later, I will focus on new conversion kits that are available from us and use the latest LED technology. The switching of the bulb was fast and simple, but the change in light output and run-time was dramatic.

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This insert can accomodate 3 rechargeable 3,7v batteries, remaining space filled with a conductive dummy. Specifications: Bulb Base: P For example,they mention that it fits perfectly, works well and that the results were amazing. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. Unable to add item to List. Lawn Mower Accessories. Enhancements you chose aren't available for this seller. Manufactured from a piece of aluminum with flap to dissipate the heat and has an excellent termination. Fit perfectly! Look for something else. In addition to the led bulb, I have replaced the 4D batteries by 3 x 3,7v rechargeable batteries Ultra fire mAh.

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Customers are mixed about the brightness of the light bulb. Replacement Parts in Swess. Please confirm your original bulb type before ordering. Garten ausleuchten klappt prima. Torch Head. Customer Service. Customer ratings by feature. You do not put away a good old MagLite in the storage room - you upgrade it! It is installed and working Great. Klarer Kauftipp. Sorry, there was a problem.

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