How to clean eyce pipe

Glass has historically been the material of choice when it comes to producing pipes, bongs, dab rigs and other smoking devices.

Silicone bongs and pipes are a special breed of weed pipe with many advantages over glass bongs. Silicone bongs and dab rigs are made for particular smoking jobs involving adventure, flexibility, and durability. A silicone bong has all of these qualities, so there is a good chance that adding one to your collection will improve your smoke sessions. The best thing about silicone is that it can withstand impacts and high temperatures. If you are accident-prone or want to bring a bong to the great outdoors or a rowdy house party, then a silicone bong is the best. You have to clean your silicone bong differently than a traditional glass bong.

How to clean eyce pipe

August 13, 1 min read. Right now you are probably searching on the internet for easy steps to clean your silicone bong. Or maybe you have a silicone pipe that is all clogged up and needs to be cleaned. The good news is it's easier than ever to clean a silicone bong, and unlike glass bongs you can do it without any harsh chemicals. Let's say your silicone bong as been used as a silicone dab rig and you have a bunch of reclaim inside of it. Or let's say you're smoking flowers out of a silicone pipe and it's clogged up on the inside with tar. With a traditional glass pipe or bong you would use a solvent like alcohol to dissolve the resin. However to clean resin from a silicone bong all you need to do is throw it in the freezer! When it comes out give it a good squish and crack up all that stuff and dump it right out in the trash. Amazing right? If you want to use soap and water, or even a solvent like alcohol it would be okay. It's just not usually necessary. Next time your silicone bong or silicone pipe is not as fresh as it should be try throwing it in the freezer, just don't throw it too hard!

Dishwashing liquid Dish soap can be used to clean silicone bongs. You should notice particles flowing away with the water and the interior of the bong will be much cleaner.


Log in to check out faster. One hitters are one of the simplest and most intuitive pipes to operate - and the Eyce Shorty is no exception. Being the smallest, most compact product in the Eyce Flower Products , the Eyce Shorty is one of the most reliable and easy to maintain pipes. A spoon pipe is one of the most common types of smoking pipes. The Eyce Spoon consists of the glass bowl where the material will go , a carb allowing you to control the smoke that builds up in the chamber , a stem, and mouthpiece. The Eyce Hammer is our version of a bubbler water pipe.

How to clean eyce pipe

Log in to check out faster. Eyce is the brain child of two brothers looking for a revolutionary way to create innovative dry herb pipes utilizing platinum-grade silicone and good old fashioned water. Since , Eyce has been creating flexible, durable, and very easy to clean silicone pipes; no matter how long you go between spot checks. The Eyce Mold made it possible to create an ice water pipe that delivers cooled down dry herb draws. Once the Eyce Mold took off, the founders pivoted to elite silicone pipes, concentrate rigs, and water pipes. Eyce Molds uses platinum-cured silicone for their pipes because it is the most durable, cleanest, and safest silicone on the market. While it's been around for over years, Eyce says they've "perfected" the process.

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The condition of your dishwater may affect the end results as well. The best way to care for and maintain your piece is to rinse with hot water and wipe it out with a paper towel or cloth after each use. These plant-based cleaners are specially made not to harm the silicone-like solvents' integrity. This rinsing process can work faster if the cleaner is combined with hot water. And we've added some genuinely excellent releases to our collection this September. You can use RezBlock to prevent the resins from sticking to the interior walls of the pipes. If you are accident-prone or want to bring a bong to the great outdoors or a rowdy house party, then a silicone bong is the best. Boiling Water You can remove nearly all the stuck-on grunge from a silicone bong with boiling water when done carefully. You can use dish soap as you would typically by filling up the sink with a soapy solution and submerging the silicone pipe while cleaning it. Many household cleaners are okay to clean your silicone pipe. Genius Pipe Portable Smoking System. How to clean silicone bongs with a pre-made cleaner - Silicone bong cleaners are especially made for cleaning silicone surfaces. Give the silicone bong a preliminary rinse with hot and soapy water to remove any light build-up. See More. You should notice particles flowing away with the water and the interior of the bong will be much cleaner.

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Use hot water to rinse and flush out the bong. Use warm water to wash away the vinegar and the stuck on resins. Once you pull it out of your freezer, all you have to do is bend and squeeze your piece. Using rubber gloves, submerge the silicone bong into the water and let it soak. Take a look at our cleaning section for everything you need to keep your silicone pipes fresh and hitting like new. Fill up the bong with vinegar and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes. Gently pour the water into the downstem hole of the joint. Feeling lazy? Methods for Cleaning Silicone Bongs There are many ways to clean a silicone bong, but some are better than others. As the water and resin freeze, they bind together. Give the silicone bong an initial rinse with soapy water and rinse with warm water.

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