gta v the big score

Gta v the big score

It is also the penultimate mission in the storyline. In order to perform the heist, the protagonists must perform a couple of side-missions Heist Setups to get the necessary equipment. The preparation missions varies based on the chosen approach in Planning the Big Score.

This mission is the Heist Finale for one of the possible approaches that can be chosen for this heist. While Michael causes a distraction at the Union Depository, Franklin and Trevor empty the vault of the gold reserves. Note: You can complete each Gold Medal requirement in multiple playthroughs of the mission. You don't need to obtain them all in one single playthrough. The three protagonists get changed into suits and go over the final plans for the heist. Michael drives to the Union Depository and picks up one of the gunmen.

Gta v the big score

This mission is essentially an interactive cutscene in which the player chooses the approach to take and the team members to use. Michael, Trevor, Franklin and Lester reunite in the Vanilla Unicorn to discuss how they are going to proceed with the Union Depository heist. They discuss which method they should use and which crew members they should choose. In this method, Michael and Trevor steal the two Securicars that are going to the Union Depository, make the occupants hostage and support and pose as Gruppe 6 officers, so they can enter in the Union and peacefully take the gold. Then they take the gold to four modified Gauntlets , so they can get out of the city without alerting the police. Choosing the subtle method will unlock the following setup mission :. In this method, Franklin uses a Cutter to reach the Union Depository vault from the underground, so he can steal the gold directly from the vault. Michael will be at the front of the bank, distracting the cops and Trevor uses his helicopter the take the gold to the Train. Note: the first gunman helps Michael and Trevor in the Union Depository and also helps load the Gauntlets with gold, while the second gunman helps hold the guards while they steal the Securicars. Note: the first driver helps load the Gauntlets with gold and drives one of the Gauntlets during the escape, while the second driver helps change the tires of the Securicars when they're stolen and drives one of the trucks that the Gauntlet drivers must load their cars onto.

The Vehicles. Get into the car. Don't have an account?

The group discuss two options to hit the Union Depository. The first option is the "subtle" option. The group hijack armoured cars heading to the depository, take the crews hostage and infiltrate the depository. Once in, they'll get the score and load it on some modded cars to get out with. The second option is the "obvious" option.

Here the crew takes on the Union Depository and plan to steal a lot of gold. There are two approaches to this heist: Subtle and Obvious. Below you'll learn about the best approach for The Big Score , along with Subtle and Obvious approach walkthroughs. The Subtle approach for The Big Score might be the safest, but choose the Obvious approach if you want the biggest score. If you pick the Subtle approach, you will need decent gunmen to help escape, good drivers to handle the Gauntlets and the semi-trucks, and a good hacker to deal with the traffic lights.

Gta v the big score

This guide will highlight the main mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements needed to complete every main story mission. If you chose to do the "Subtle" approach for the heist , the requirements are not as extreme than it was for the "Obvious" approach. When the mission begins, get in the car and drive over to the waypoint under the tunnel. When given the signal by Trevor , drop the spikes onto the road and drive away to trigger a cutscene. With the armored vehicles in tow, drive to the next waypoint at the Union Depository. For the next section, follow the bank guard as they lead the gang into the vaults.

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However, if the final gold tally is important, the player may need to reload a save prior to " Planning the Big Score " and choose an alternate pilot instead of Karim. In order to perform the heist, the protagonists must perform a couple of side-missions Heist Setups to get the necessary equipment. Grand Theft Auto: London. Note: the police spawn infinitely, so the player cannot kill every police officer they see; listen to audio cues from Franklin or Michael depending on who the player is not controlling at the time to know when the player is able to move on. Holding off the officers coming from the bank vault. Once the second wave is defeated, Trevor and Lester make their getaway with the gold secure to the helicopters. Friends Reunited. Once the Merryweather choppers are dealt with, the two choppers head to the train being driven by the second driver and drop off the gold onto one of the train cars. Defend the crew from Merryweather. The Time's Come. Before going to the last mission trigger, it is advisable to complete any remaining side-missions, etc. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. When the hole is created, park the Cutter an ample distance away.

It is also the penultimate mission in the storyline. In order to perform the heist, the protagonists must perform a couple of side-missions Heist Setups to get the necessary equipment.

GTA 5 cheats, phone numbers and console commands. Be careful if switching to Franklin - he'll have no armor unless the player bought some for him ahead of time and haven't done anything to damage it. Where there were hardly any confrontations and fights in the subtle approach, the obvious approach is full of them. Tracey De Santa. You can choose to modify the car by upgrading the armor, engine, tires, and brakes, but it's not required. Up to four tons of gold have disappeared from the supposedly unrobbable Union Depository earlier in a dramatic raid. The player is switched to Franklin, who is using a laptop to control the traffic lights of the district to help Michael and Trevor escape from the Merryweather troops. After the gunman pushes the second cart into position, the player is switched to Trevor. A police car, attempting to ram the team off the road, rolls over into a police roadblock. Caida Libre. Explore Wikis Community Central. I Fought the Law

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