english cream dachshund

English cream dachshund

English cream dachshund are a small home-based breeder that only has a few litters per year. I have owned dachshunds all of my life, but saw my first English Cream after retiring from teaching and fell hopelessly in love with them.

The English Cream Dachshund is a unique breed that has become increasingly popular recently. With their distinct cream-colored coat and playful personality, they have captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. This breed is a variation of the classic Dachshund or Doxie breed, known for its long bodies and short legs. However, the English Cream has some distinct differences, including its coat color, a beautiful cream shade, and longer, silkier coat. This article will provide an overview of the English Cream breed. We will discuss their history and origins, as well as their temperament and unique characteristics.

English cream dachshund

Image source: mayathedox. Despite the vast differences in the physical appearances of these two breeds, crossing the Dachshund with the English Cream Retriever seems to work well. We attribute this to a common trait found in both dog breeds—their irresistible cuteness. Sit tight as we dive deeper into this mix, giving you all the necessary info to decide whether these crossbred pooches are the right pick for you. As their name suggests, the Dachshund originated in Germany and was initially bred to help hunters and farmers get rid of burrow-dwelling animals, such as badgers or moles, by flushing them out of their underground tunnels. They were bred to be short in stature with exceptionally long bodies so that they could easily slip inside narrow tunnels. Over time, their primary role was slowly abandoned, and they became popular family dogs. The origin of the English Cream dates back to the century Scotland, where this intelligent breed was developed as a hunting companion. They are often considered a color variant of the Golden Retriever. They were specifically designed to retrieve shot waterfowl, which explains their muscular built and long, fluffy coat. They were able to cross long distances in a short time, while their fur kept them warm in the water.

English Retrievers are known as one of the easiest breeds to train, which comes in handy when the other half is the stubborn Dachshund. She is truly invested in the puppies' well-being, english cream dachshund, and as a result, I was able to welcome a happy and healthy little girl into my family.

Rhodax is a family-run, fully licensed dog breeder, living in the beautiful Welsh countryside specialising in cream and shaded cream long hair miniature Dachshunds. We are a family-run, fully licensed dog breeders, living in the beautiful Welsh countryside along the heritage coastline. We have a busy, loving home, with our three young boys, long hair miniature dachshunds and more recently our Welsh springer spaniel Ivy. As a family, we love to get out into the countryside and explore the Welsh heritage coast with our dogs and often spend hours at the beach playing as a family. All of our dogs live in the home with us where they are never short of a lap to sit on or someone to play fetch with. Having grown up in an agricultural environment and having always been around animals, Lucy learned how to care for and raise animals from a very young age. Having always had dogs in the family growing up, it was in that we introduced our first dog into our own home and our family has grown since then.

Interested in an English cream dachshund? These distinctive dogs are known for their pale coats and endearing dispositions. Explore the exceptional world of English cream dachshunds and prepare to make an informed decision about welcoming this sought-after breed into your life. English Cream Dachshunds , also known as English Cream Doxies, are a gem in the canine world, celebrated for their stunning cream coats, which are known for their bunny-like softness and beautiful range of shades. These adorable pups are born with a dark coat that gradually lightens to cream over two to three months, with the Shade Cream and Clear Cream having unique developmental color changes. Their lineage can be traced back to the British Cream ancestry, giving English Cream Dachshunds a distinguished appearance. They are famous for their laid-back and lovable temperament, which has won the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide. The charming personalities and exquisite beauty of English Cream Dachshunds create a perfect blend that not only captivates but also brings immense joy to their owners. These pups are the perfect addition to any family and are often considered more than just pets; they are treasured as loyal friends and beloved family members.

English cream dachshund

If you have read my blog about Dachshund facts , you may find the name of this dog variety ironic and intriguing. Aside from this little geeky fact, English cream Dachshunds are also known to be very expensive due to their coat color. A certain gene, which we will cover in detail later, causes the unique shade of their fur and creates different coat types that confuse many pet owners. I collated all the key information about this dog that will surely have you looking for a breeder or rescue facility to adopt one. An English cream Dachshund is simply a subset of the Dachshund breed we know, but they are more pricey because of their ancestry and elegant cream coat. They come in two types which are the shaded cream and the EE or clear cream. This is because they were originally developed in the United Kingdom and they carry the chinchilla gene which is unique to this line. Due to the continuous breeding of this dog to other Dachshund varieties, most of the creams we see now cannot really be tagged as pure English creams. Hence, dogs with an authentic British lineage became more rare and expensive. I have come across many Dachshund enthusiasts who think that there is only one type of English cream and that is the EE or clear coated.

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The English Cream Dachshund has a unique and charming appearance. Dachshund Boston Terrier mix. Leslie is helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly loving towards both us as dog-owners and her own dogs and puppies. Becoming part of the Creme of the Crop family has been a wonderful experience for our family. We had recently lost our beloved mahogany mini of 14 years named Louis, but still had his sister the beautiful black and tan Lily. Take the puppy notebook seriously! Remember that genes are not everything. A balanced diet and high-quality dog food are crucial for the health and longevity of an English Cream Dachshund, taking special care to avoid overfeeding to prevent obesity and associated health issues. After extensive research, we ended up calling Leslie and having our initial interview with her. I recently brought home my new pup. Sure enough, I get a call one day telling me that she put a deposit down! Mommy and all babies are doing great! Leslie did a thorough phone interview and ended up accepting us to be new parents to who is now our Rosie She interviewed me to see if I was a fit-it is all about the puppies to Leslie and what is best for them-I loved that!

Image source: mayathedox.

Dachshund Beagle mix. So lovable, playful and sassy as well, she is our princess angel! Although some of these Dachshund health issues can be fatal and can shorten their lifespan too soon, the majority of them can be treated successfully if diagnosed on time. The cream color of an English Cream Doxie should be a pale shade with no hint of yellow or red. Breeding English Cream Dachshunds requires careful consideration of genetics and the Chinchilla gene, which contributes to their distinctive color, with various cream patterns achieved through strategic breeding. We have had no accidents! Highly recommend! They have socialized and trained so easily and have blended well into our household with our Malinois. The time you will spend taking care of this hybrid largely depends on the Doxie in the combination. From the day I picked up our Ellie, she has been a fan favorite.

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