They said Astro City's crawling with costumes, astrocity, it's too dangerous. Think of the girls.

Kurt Busiek's Astro City is an American superhero anthology comic book series centered on a fictional American city of that name. Created and written by Kurt Busiek , the series is mostly illustrated by Brent Anderson , with character designs and painted covers by Alex Ross. The first volume was published from to by Image Comics. In , a second volume was launched under the Homage Comics imprint of Image partner studio WildStorm , which was then acquired by DC Comics , where the series later transitioned to the WildStorm Signature Series imprint and continued until During this period it switched from a regular ongoing series to a sequence of periodic mini-series and special issues.


It is a huge American metropolis populated with a large number of costumed heroes and villains. The adventures of these characters make up most of the series' plots. Originally known as Romeyn Falls , Astro City was renamed to its new name after the Astro-Naut sacrificed himself to save the entire city. In this city, most of it's citizens and lawmakers understand that the heroes are necessary even if sometimes unwanted. They live every day under the protection of their heroes and sometimes cast out those that are unwanted. They've gone through a Dark Age in the 80s, they're home to many heroic groups and tend to be happy with their heroes. They've built statues, towers and left popular locations like the Grandenetti Cathedral and Mount Kirby under city government protection as they're known to be host homes to heroes. Astro City is the site of major heroic change and has been the hallmark of American superheroes for the last 50 years. Many heroes live and work in the city, while some come through simply for a visit, or to spend time. Astro City Wikia Explore. Wiki Content. Recent blog posts. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? Current Wiki.

Berserk Button : Bugman Palmetto hates being called a roach. Beautie uses a stylized "B" for her accessories. And don't forget he wears astrocity shirt with a big, astrocity, shiny cross on it because the constant pain this causes helps him overcome the vampiric bloodlust.

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Image has already previously made many of those books available digitally via Comixology. In a statement announcing the massive deal, Busiek, who initially teased the returns of Arrowsmith and Autumnlands back in , and Image publisher Eric Stephenson both expressed their enthusiasm at what the next year and beyond will bring:. And not just because Image is only about twenty minutes from where I live, so I can actually drop by the place, once the pandemic is in the rearview. This six issue miniseries launches from Image Comics in January —followed in February by an oversized, fully re-mastered hardcover collected edition of the original series. Young airman Fletcher Arrowsmith plunges back into the heat of war—and finds himself behind enemy lines, facing a threat that could doom the Allied Powers. Old friends and new favorites will appear, and the world of Arrowsmith will be deepened, as previously-secret history and machinations are revealed. For the re-mastered hardcover, Arrowsmith: So Smart In Their Fine Uniforms , readers are introduced to young Fletcher Arrowsmith who learns the true cost of war in an alternate history where dragons and magic spells are as much a part of World War I as bullets and barbed wire. This edition, deluxe-sized and in hardcover for the first time, will present the art as Pacheco originally intended, and will feature ancillary material about the creation and history of Arrowsmith. Alex has designed a cornucopia of new characters, and Brent is going to town on the artwork. Originally published by Image in , these are comic book stories I am proud to see on my bookshelves, and I look forward to creating many more.


They said Astro City's crawling with costumes, it's too dangerous. Think of the girls. But every big city's got some superheroes

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Disowned Parent : Downplayed with Jessie Taggart. However, the thing that pushed him to become a superhero was when a companion simply told him: "So your message, Estaban, is simple: Work hard, stay out of trouble—then inherit two hundred million dollars and everything will be fine? She's only with Crackerjack because she doesn't care that he Really Gets Around , and he doesn't care if she forgets his birthday. In the first issue of the second series in , POV character Ben Pullam is an adult man with two young daughters moving to Astro City for the first time. It's said that the Void Between the Worlds is a black and featureless place, filled with hungry, nasty, vengeful things trying to break through. Animal Motif : The Oubor is associated with snakes. Frame-Up : In "Confession", there is a spate of robberies seemingly performed by Crackerjack. The public quickly loses interest, allowing Mitch to return to a life of peace and safety. Instead, she, and a thousand others like her, make a living by simply using it for mundane jobs, like special effects or deejaying. Jack spends the rest of the story arc moving heaven and earth to make sure they never come into existence. Fantastic Racism : Earthpride is an anti-alien hate group that violently attacks aliens and their human supporters. She's deeply disappointed to learn that her father is the criminal Quarrel, where she holds a grudge against him for nearly 40 years and ignores his attempts at reconciliation.

The comics series Astro City was recently announced to be in development for a television series by FreemantleMedia North America, the same company that produced American Gods. With the characters of both Marvel Comics and DC Comics already occupying multiple franchises in film and television, there are limited remaining opportunities for a shared superhero universe. That's exactly what Astro City offers though, with a sprawling history and set of characters that is exceeded only by those "Big Two" publishers.

Astra, the First Family's daughter, is ten years old in a story, and graduates from college in her own mini-series. Animal-Themed Superbeing : Most animal-based heroes don't appear in the comic long enough for their full power sets to be established, so most tend to be Type II Animal Aliases from what is shown. Astro City note The full name is technically Kurt Busiek's Astro City, which was requested by his editor who thought "Astro City" by itself sounded too hokey is a comic book series or, more accurately, sequence of mini-series and ongoings written by Kurt Busiek and first published in However, the death of local superhero Starbright, which revealed that he had been a jock that had tried to help Simon when they were younger, causes Simon to reassess things, use Starbright's technology to transition into being a woman the cause for the bullying against her , and eventually take up Starbright's mantle as a superhero. The Lion and the Unicorn from Great Britain. Unfortunately, it's a ploy by Pyramid to infiltrate their base with Spy Bots and steal their secrets. Lampshaded later when an older Oleck states that there is no way that defense would fly in the comic's present day. Cape Busters : E. Note that "First Family" is a moniker occasionally used for the team within the Marvel universe, making this a not-too-subtle Shout-Out. That's how Leo's troubles began Worse, Gormenghast has gotten away with a sample of Black Rapier's rejuvenation formula, and Quarrel has retired to tend to Crackerjack's recovery. Kurt Busiek was honored with 's Harvey and 's Eisner for Best Writer, in both instances for bodies of work including Astro City. Busiek later reported in the one-shot that the TV series was now with another company. The Mock Turtle is a naive scientist who built an all-environment exploration suit, but stole it when his company wanted someone else to actually pilot it.

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