antique pencil sharpener

Antique pencil sharpener

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Photograph of an old pencil sharpener. Similar Images:. Old school sharpener isolated on white background. See my vector illustrations serie by clicking on the image below:. Sharpener on a white background isolated.

Antique pencil sharpener

Best match. Most popular. RF and RM. Pencil Icon. Green pencil with sharpening shavings on green background. Pencil sharpener get the pencil ready. Sharpening the pencil and get ready. Brand New Pencil. Man Sharpening Pencil. Pencil sharpener with sharpen your saw concept. Black pencil sharpened with knife for rustic look set on wood slab. Pencil Sharpener. Studio shot of pencil sharpener. Metal Pencil Sharpener.

Sharpening the pencil and get ready. See my stationery images by clicking on the image below. Sort by Popular.

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Antique Small Pencil Sharpeners This exhibit covers all small pencil sharpeners marketed between and for which we have a an advertisement or product announcement with an illustration or product description, b a patent, or c a photograph of a surviving device. We have not included a number of devices for which we have only an advertisement without an illustration or product description. Patents exist for many additional small pencil sharpeners, but we are not aware of surviving examples or advertisements that demonstrate that these additional models were produced. Most of these devices are small enough to be considered portable or pocket pencil sharpeners, and most have no parts that move while the pencil is being sharpened. In virtually all, if not all, cases, the sharpening is done by a blade, an abrasive medium a file, sandpaper, or emery paper , or both. Most of of these devices were marketed to sharpen lead pencils. However, a number were marketed to sharpen both lead and slate pencils, and a number of others were marketed to sharpen only slate pencils.

Antique pencil sharpener

Antique Cheese Cutter. Hair Fork. Lawn Mower. Gorham Boar.

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Last 30 days. Pencils and antique pink pencil sharpener. Exchanges if applicable We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. Selective focus. Search by image. Most popular. Old school sharpener isolated on white background. Pencil Next to a Pencil Sharpener. Studio shot of retro style accessories. Studio shot of pencil sharpener. Best match. Any date. Pencil and Sharpener. Last 7 days. Add to cart.


Objects on a chalkboard background. Wooden pencil case. Blue pencil sharpener, black pencil sharpener placed on a white table. An old pencil sharpener, made of plastic, red, with a mirror on the back. Vintage brass pencil sharpener in shape of machine isolated on white. The craftsmanship highlights good quality and attention to the small details that make these sharpeners so special. Old Mechanical Pencil Sharpener on a Wall. Concept of Teacher's Day. Colorful pencil and paper clips and paper about to be stapled. Search by image. Most popular.

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