aiper seagull pro review

Aiper seagull pro review

Having a pool is awesome—until you have to clean it. Aiper's new line of cordless robotic pool cleaners, called the Seagull Series, do the work for you.

We had a great discussion with the company earlier this year at CES where we got to see the robot hard at work, but confined to a small controlled acrylic space filled with water. Now, we finally get to see how it performs in a real-world environment. After reading the manual for best use, we realized that the pool we chose to test it in was not actually ideal for the Seagull Pro. The manual, specifically states that Seagull Pro is most efficient in a square flat pool with no steps. The test pool is kidney-shaped, goes from 3 to 7 ft deep, and has steps while curving a little in the middle.

Aiper seagull pro review

Maintaining a clean and sparkling pool can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Thankfully, the Aiper Seagull Pro robotic pool cleaner is here to simplify the cleaning process. This advanced device utilizes cutting-edge technology to efficiently clean your pool, saving homeowners both time and effort. With its powerful features and clever design, the Seagull Pro offers up a hassle-free and thorough cleaning experience for your pool. Its efficient cleaning cycle ensures that your pool is left spotless, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear water without the hassle of manual cleaning. Whether you want it to sweep across the floor, clean the sides and water line, or both, the Seagull Pro aims to please. Also, it seems to prefer hard degree walls as opposed to those soft ledges that are often found in deeper ends of pools. It was hit and miss for us in two different pools when dealing with a curved bottom and kidney-shaped pool. Otherwise, shallow ends and places where there was a hard line to the wall, it was fantastic in getting up the sides. Navigating a pool can be challenging, especially for an older or lesser cleaner. The Seagull Pro is about the size of a robot lawn mower and can intelligently and efficiently maneuver about your pool. Its smart navigation system also helps optimize cleaning patterns, reducing cleaning time and maximizing cleaning efficiency. Controlling the Seagull Pro is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. All you have to do is unplug it from the wall and rotate the dial to your preferred mode. After that you simply drop it into the pool.

You'll want to look for the SmartNav, aiper seagull pro review we found it performed best in our testing. Total Weight. And with up to three hours of battery life on a charge, we like that the cleaner stays up later than we might, picking up dirt and debris.

Don't get confused with robots that are "Wall Climbing". There is a big difference. Waterline cleaning means the actively scrubs and sticks to the waterline scrubbing away this problem area in the pool. It is a feature you don't want to miss. Wall climbing allows the robot to clean and climb the walls of your pool. However, don't get this confused with waterline cleaning. A robot without waterline cleaning will only clean the walls of your pool.

Increased Max-Series Performance , but cheaper than several other top cleaners. Easy-to-clean oversized MaxBin with optional NanoFilters. Aiper Seagull Pro is able to easily clean your walls of your pool. However, don't get this confused with waterline cleaning. The Seagull Pro will only clean the walls of your pool. Make sure to check out the top waterline cleaning units ranked here: Waterline Cleaning Robots. Aiper Seagull Pro saves hundreds of dollars a year in energy when compared to pressure-side or suction-side cleaners. Set up has never been easier. No installation needed.

Aiper seagull pro review

When I think of robots, I think of my Robot Vacuum that has to learn and map my home, or my Robot Lawn Mower which needs to be taught about the backyard or can see the difference between grass and concrete. Plus, as a Robot, it might be the smartest and simplest to use robot assistant out there. As it sinks down to the floor of the pool, I wondered for a bit was it working, did I do the right thing, was I going to need to get changed into my swimmers to retrieve this thing? The charging cable, and the provided hook. Attach to your pool skimmer handle and grab it from the bottom of the pool with ease. More on that in a moment. A few moments later, and this little fella is out and about, patrolling up and down the floor in a reasonably uniform pattern.

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Media Coverage. Contact Us. It pumps water from underneath and through the top at a fairly fast rate. Uniquely designed to feature dual suction and water release systems to increase power, performance, and cleaning capabilities. Aiper Motor Power. The Dolphin Universal Caddy is a solid caddy that gets the job done. The whole trip around our 30 x 10 sq ft pool took about an hour. Charging the battery to full takes about 90 minutes, which again is exactly what is stated in the manual. Next article. Take a Closer Look. Where To Buy. At full charge, the Seagull Pro has about a 3 hour battery life, which is exactly what the manual stated. Waterline cleaning means the actively scrubs and sticks to the waterline scrubbing away this problem area in the pool.

A monster in every dimension, this cordless pool cleaner has quickly earned a place of honor on my deck and is now the definitive go-to when my pool needs tidying up. In addition to its massive 16 x 16 x inch dimensions HxWxD and pound weight, take note of its four large wheels and dual, front-mounted rolling brush belts. These cylindrical brushes span the entire width of the robot, spinning as they powerfully munch away on every surface the device passes over.

Total Weight. Buy Caddy Cover. Please use a water gun to clean the garbage bin in a timely manner to prevent dirty and dry debris from clogging the filter after each use , which affects the cleaning efficiency. Read More Pool Tips. Best Android phones at Total Wireless December 18, Quick drain. It can then be retrieved with a provided hook on the end of any standard pool pole. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All Replacement Parts. Spend more time enjoying your pool this summer and less time maintaining it and check out the newest product from Aiper. Share this: Facebook X. Anti-Tangle Swivel No more tangled cords. Customer Reviews. After approximately three hours of battery the Seagull Pro will automatically stop and rest. Navigating a pool can be challenging, especially for an older or lesser cleaner.

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